15 great last-minute gifts under $30

For all your expert-level procrastinators, it’s time to finish up your Christmas shopping. Now, let’s get to that shopping list. There are some real gems here, and they’re all under about $30!

1. For the coffee or tea lover, expand his or her choices with this great sampler box.

The tea lovers in your life will be excited about this Taylors of Harrogate Classic Tea Variety Box. It comes with 48 different tea bags in eight different varieties for less than $12. They’ll be stocked up for months!

2. For the person who appreciates art or history, 500 of the world’s most iconic paintings to show on their TV when it’s not in use (Spoiler: I got this for my husband!)

Talk about innovative. This BillionDollar ArtGallery showcases 500 of the most beautiful paintings of all time. All you have to do is plug it into your TV’s USB port and it transforms your room into the best museum in the world. Very cool!

3. For the techie who just can’t put down the phone, give them another pair of hands to hold it up

Who doesn’t need a second pair of hands? The phone addict in your life certainly does — and this funny holder can help. It’s a great way to give your tech lover a second set of hands to help while they watch videos or work on DIY projects.

4. For the person who spends too much time looking at their phone, tablet, laptop, or monitor, give the gift of less eye strain

We all have a friend or family member who’s attached to screens around the clock. These blue light blocking glasses are a great way to help them out. They’ll have fewer issues with eye strain, and you’ll only spend under $20. They look great, too. Win-win.

5. For the person who doesn’t know they need a speaker with a mic to hear better during phone calls or listen to their favorite radio shows, music, or podcasts

Who doesn’t need a portable speaker? This one is affordable at less than $20, and it will last 10 hours on a single charge. It offers clear sound and a good mic, so it’s easy to make calls or listen to music or podcasts.

6. For the gal who could use a little more magic in her life, this mermaid blanket is so cute

We all need a little magic after the last year, and this mermaid blanket can make it happen. It’s a cute, cozy way to curl up with a good Christmas movie.

7. For your practical friend, give the No.1 best-selling umbrella on Amazon

When it rains, it pours — and your practical pal knows that. Help them stay prepared with this best-selling umbrella. The design is genius. It’s double-layered, and you fold the top “wet” layer under the “dry” layer to keep your car or home dry. It’s compact and holds up to strong wind, too.

8. For the brainiac who knows everything, gift even more with a book of awesome, useless information

Have a friend who knows all kinds of random facts? Gift them this book of useless information. For example, did you know that Maine is the toothpick capital of the world and a baby giraffe is six feet long when it’s born? Any trivia fan will love this.

9. For your friend who really misses ‘Game of Thrones,’ gift a 3D dragon light

“Game of Thrones” may be over, but this 3D dragon light is the perfect gift for its biggest fans. There’s a 3D illusion pattern carved into a clear acrylic panel that sits on a small base. Power on the light to see a dragon in flight. It’s great for the gamers and geeks on your list, too.

10. For the new at-home worker or student, give a cute felt letterboard they can customize

This 10-inch by 10-inch letterboard can add some flair to any workspace or room. Your recipient can use it to spruce up their dorm or office space and leave fun messages in the background of all those Zoom meetings.

11. For the wine lover, this modern geometric bottle holder will look gorgeous in their home

Don’t just give a bottle of wine. Give them a great place to put it. This geometric bottle holder is a great addition to any home — and you can fit plenty of wine on the rack. It comes in black and gold, and both are stunning. Plus, there’s no installation. It goes right on the counter.

12. For the basketball lover who misses shooting hoops with friends

Novelty mugs are always a fun gift. With this one, they can shoot marshmallows through the hoop all day long. It’s not quite the same thing as hitting the court, but it’s good enough for now.

13. For the animal lover, a hilarious laser toy that cats and dogs will chase for hours

Even the cats are bored right now. You can help them out with this fun laser toy. It’ll keep them entertained for hours on end and give you a break from the meowing and barking of bored pets.

14. For the dad who keeps a perfect lawn, year-round, give him the world’s smallest leaf blower

There aren’t many leaves to blow now since it’s winter, and dad is missing his lawn duties. Maybe the world’s smallest leaf blower will help ease the pain until spring rolls around.

15. For the person with a green thumb, up their game with a beautiful Bonsai tree

Plant enthusiasts will love this mini Bonsai tree. It comes in a pretty planter and is already between six and eight inches tall, so it’s easy to get started with caring for your tree right out of the box.

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