Big Tech regulation can’t only be about ‘reining in conservative voices’: ‘Madness of Crowds’ author

British journalist and author of “Madness of Crowds” Douglas Murray slammed Big Tech companies Tuesday, saying that the time to regulate them is “long overdue”, but cautioning that he is concerned about who will be in charge of reining them in and what the new rules might be.

During an appearance on “Fox & Friends”, Murray slammed Silicon Valley, claiming that their companies have “galvanized everything” and that in the past other corporations would have been subject to monopoly laws and merger commissions much sooner.

The British author and journalist went on to tell Steve Doocy that the “core of the issue” is that tech companies skew to the left and that he can envision a situation in which lawmakers try to “pretend” that the issue with Big Tech is conservative voices on the platform.


“We can’t talk about reining in big tech and only talk about reining in conservative voices” Murray said. 

Murray said the Supreme Leader of Iran and the Chinese Communist Party can put out “propaganda” with “complete freedom and equanimity,” on Twitter, while former President Trump was banned from the platform.

Murray also questioned “who does the reining in” and “what the new rules are, cautioning against partisanship in the lawmaking process as a political power grab.


The backlash against tech companies has only grown louder in recent months.

In a newly released video from Project Veritas, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and other tech executives appeared to admit that they have “too much power”, while also hoping to work closely with the Biden administration on pressing issues to the American people, such as the COVID-19 response.

Additionally, former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, recently criticized Big Tech saying that they should not be able to “pick and choose which one of you get to have a voice, and which do not.”

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