Coronavirus outbreak identified at France nudist resort, reports say

Nearly 150 coronavirus cases have cropped up among visitors to a large nudist resort, per multiple reports.

Cap d’Agde Naturist Village is located on the France Mediterranean coast and attracts tens of thousands of visitors daily during the summer, per one outlet.

Health authorities said 95 resort visitors tested positive for the virus, and another 50 guests reported positive cases while making their way home, according to another report.

A beach in Cap d’Agde, where a coronavirus outbreak was recently identified. (iStock)

“The rate of infection was four times higher among naturists in the resort than in the village itself,” regional health authorities said, The Local reported. Guests at the camp were ordered to don masks and social distance, per The Irish Times.

“There are infections everywhere, including among people who are not libertines,” Pierre Ricordeau, director-general of the health authority, reportedly said. “The message is the same for everyone: wear a mask, wash your hands and practice social distancing, whether you are a libertine or not a libertine.”

Ricordeau said social distancing had likely “not been sufficiently respected at the centre,” according to the Irish Times, and asked people to “delay” plans to travel to the area.


The outbreak comes amid news of France’s “new post-lockdown record” of cases, per Reuters, at nearly 5,000 new infections on Sunday.

According to Public Health France, nationwide there has been a “strong progression” of “virus circulation,” especially in young adults, and an overall rising incidence (42%) and positivity rate (42%). Authorities also reported an “upward trend in new hospitalizations and intensive care admissions” with the “number of new clusters still increasing.”

According to the Johns Hopkins University heat map, France has more than 282,000 cases and about 30,530 deaths. For context, this places the country as the 17th in the world regarding case count.

The U.S. continues to have the highest total case count at more than 5.7 million infections, with Brazil and India following behind at over 3.6 million and nearly 3.2 million infections, respectively.


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