Dr. Siegel: Federal government, states need to step up distribution of coronavirus vaccines

Fox News medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel said Wednesday on “America’s Newsroom” that the federal government and states need to “step up” the distribution for the coronavirus vaccines.

Siegel made the comments after New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, D., demanded the federal government increase the coronavirus vaccine supply. Cuomo also recently received backlash for a slow vaccine rollout in the state amid a new coronavirus strain emerging worldwide. 

DR. MARC SIEGEL: Two things. It is going on, on the federal level and the state level. On the federal level, you know, as you know a huge surplus package was approved. There are half-million dollars in there for vaccines. We need more temporary vaccine clinics built. We need more facilities. We need the federal government to step in. We need Pfizer to get the Pfizer vaccine out there and distributed. That’s one of the rate-limiting steps.

Once [the vaccine] is in the states we don’t need all this political posturing … If [the vaccine] is in freezers and someone doesn’t show up for an appointment have a B List. Give it out to younger people. Israel gave it out to 100,000 people. They have a list. I don’t mean younger people necessarily. It can be older people. If a healthcare worker doesn’t show up for their shot give it out to an elderly person, instead. Don’t let the vaccines perish. What we have has to be administered. It has to get into arms. That part is easy.


In the background of all of this … we have an emerging strain that’s more contagious and it’s a race. We have to get everybody vaccinated as quickly as possible. This has to be ramped up on the federal and state level. Vaccine clinics need to be going 24/7. Neither the states nor the federal government has any excuse here.

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